Firefly: Alan Tudyk

Born March 16, 1971, in El Paso, TX, Alan Tudyk began acting early in life. He went pro at the Dallas Shakespeare Festival, founding the city's Rubber Chicken Standup Improv Troupe before moving on to Los Angeles, then New York, where he got his start on and off-Broadway (are we sensing a trend?), and later founded the Court Jesters improv theatre group. Although he studied at Julliard from 1993 to 1996, he left before earning his degree. He made his big screen debut in 35 Miles From Normal, and went on to appear in Patch Adams and The Wonder Boys before making a big splash as Gerhardt in 28 Days (with Sandra Bullock) . Alan also appeared in A Knight's Tale, Hearts in Atlantis and as the accused robot Sonny opposite Will Smith in 2004's I, Robot, as well as voicing several parts in the animated feature Ice Age. His television appearances include "Frasier," "Strangers with Candy," a CSI: Las Vegas episode called "Burn Out", and "Arrested Development."

He plays Wash on Firefly.

Towards the end of production on the television series Alan thieved the big red button that in the episode Out of Gas was meant to call back the shuttles when Serenity was repaired. Following the cancelation of the show Alan reputedly sent the button to Joss Whedon, who was at the time working to ressurect the franchise, with a note reading "When your miracle gets here, hit this button" qouting dialouge from Out of Gas between Wash and Mal before the former, along with the rest of the crew, depart on the shuttles.

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