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There is a nasty syndrome I call "Firefly Letdown Disease." It isn't just one malady. It first hits you when you realize you've only got one or two more hours you haven't seen. Then, full force depression after you see them. It relents a little as you watch a second time and realize how good they are even when you've seen them. Then on the third or fourth watching, depression again, as you begin to know all the lines by heart.

No one avoids FLD, all you can do is reduce the symptoms, and it is proven good therapy to take an occasional break. Don't think FLD won't happen to you!

Dr. Bugged recommends the wonderful movie novelization(approve sites) to treat the symptoms. But the only cure is a 10-season TV run, so most people do their best for now to just control symptoms. And watch for secondary symptoms, such as your (formerly) favorite sci-fi show looking suddenly pale and uninspiring.

Now, although this is just a bit flight of fancy, please remember I'm also trying to describe something real. Many fans have testified to it.


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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST