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Body Skills

The skills governed by your Body stat are anything you do with strength or endurance. It covers practices that are physically taxing or that require training and muscle memory, like the Martial Arts skill. Body can also govern inborn physical traits like "gorgeous" or "freakishly tall."

Your free Body skills are Athletics and Brawling. The first is any basic physical activity - running, jumping, throwing balls or rocks. The second is fighting without guns using your fists, knives, baseball bats, et cetera.


All the stuff you spend some time doing as a kid, including organized sports. This is a poor substitute for specialization; playing dollar-a-point volleyball against someone with a Volleyball skill will always be harder on you than the person with the right skill.

10s    With a lot of huffing and puffing, you could get over a 10-foot fence.
20s    About average for an inactive lifestyle.
30s    About average for an active lifestyle. You can run a mile without exhaustion.
40s    About average for a very active lifestyle. You could outrun attack dogs with luck.
50s    Among non-professionals playing a sport, you'd be considered a 'ringer'.
60s    You could play minor pro in a less-lucrative sport.
70s    You could 'play' (mostly bench-warmer) professionally in a lucrative sport.
80s    Top professional athlete.


When you have to put the hurt on someone, this is how you do it. You may not be trained as such, but you can try to throw haymakers, pinch, spit, wrestle, and bite.

If you make Brawling your obsession skill (calling it Martial Arts or whatever), then you get Cherries. These are special effects triggered whenever you roll a successful match (11, 22, 33, or whatever) on your hand-to-hand attack. For a list of Cherries, see pp. 55-56 of UA 2nd edition.

10s    Your combat skills are pretty much limited to slaps, shin kicks, and pulling hair.
20s    This is about right for someone who grew up, but out of, a nasty neighborhood.
30s    A skill fighter - nothing really impressive, but enough to handle a mugger.
40s    If you studied martial arts, you probably have a black belt that means something.
50s    If you don't pound on people for a living, you could.
60s    You're a match for two average opponents... with knives.
70s    You could go toe-to-toe with professional fighters.
80s    You are never unarmed. Your body is a killing instrument.

Other Body Skills

  • Distracting Physique: either you're beautiful beyond belief or hideous and deformed in some fashion, but one way or the other, you make people stop and stare. Whenever anyone sees you for the first time, make a roll. If you make it, that person is at -10% to all skills until you leave their presence. This only works once per target... ever... and it works on allies as well.
  • Hold Your Breath: You can hold your breath for a really long time. (Normally, you can hold your breath for you Body score in seconds. Each point in this skill extends that.
  • Hold Your Liquor. At the point where other people begin staggering, a successful roll on this skill will keep you in control. (GM rolls, though.)
  • Others:
    • Climbing, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Go Without Rest, Marathon Running, Football, Judo, Swimming, Endure Torture
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