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Body Stat

This is a measure of how healthy, strong, and generally fit you are. Body determines how hard it is to kill you.

10s You're on death's door. You can't walk unassisted.
20s Frail. Shallow steps only, please.
30s Sickly and weak. You breathe heavy after climbing stairs.
40s Puny or a lard-ass, but not too bad.
50s Average: you can wear swimsuits without shame.
60s Brawny: people notice you're in good shape.
70s Every bottle has a twist-off cap.
80s You could be a pro athlete. You don't get tired; other people do, but not you.
90s Professional strongman

Body and Wound Points Wound points are a measure of how much damage you can take before buying the farm. Your initial store of wound points is equal to your Body score. Every time your Body score goes up, your wound points increase too.

If you hit 0 wound points, you're dead. If you hit 5, you're unconscious or in shock. Usually, you don't keep track of wound points - you're GM does and tells you how you're feeling. You can read more about wounds and healing in the Combat chapter of UA 2nd edition, p. 58.

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