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Buying Skills

The amount of points you have to spend on skills under a given stat is based on the stat in question; every skill is tied to a single stat. Thus, if you have a Body of 60, that gives you 60 points to spend on Body Skills. In addition, a character in a Firefly campaign gets 70 bonus points to apply to any skill or skills desired.

In a Firefly campaign, the upper limit to your starting skill ratings is 70%. Also, your skill rating can never be higher than its governing stat; if you have a body of 30, you simply can't handle the training necessary to get your Brawling up to 45%.

There is no comprehensive skill list. You can pretty much define any skill you want, if the GM okays it first. You can take as many or as few different skills as you like, although itís generally better to take a few skills with higher ratings than many skills with lower ratings.

Free Skills

Every character has a few 'free' skills under each stat already. All of these begin at 15% except for Initiative, which starts at half your Speed score. You can use some of your available skill points for that stat to improve these skills or simply let them stand and spend the points on some other skill. The free skills you can take are discussed with each stat section in the following pages. As a quick reference, however, they are:

Body Skills: Athletics, Brawling
Speed Skills: Dodge, Driving and/or Riding, Initiative
Mind Skills: General Education, Notice, Conceal
Soul Skills: Charm, Lying

You can replace any free skill with a similar skill more appropriate to your background, but only if the GM approves the switch.

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