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Fear Stimulus

What do you fear the most? Pointy things? Looking weak or faithless in front of other people you respect? Whatever it is, it's the thing that makes you run like a neck-stumped chicken. If you activate your fear passion, you can use the flip-flop to reroll to get away. Run fast. Bust down doors. But you can't use it to attack - the thing you fear the most has the most power over you.

Unlike the other passions, your fear passion has a connection to your Stress Meters. These are mental stresses that record how messed up you are in the head. There are five such tracks Violence, Helplessness, the Unnatural, Isolation, and Self. Pick on that synchs up closest to your fear. Then if your fear rises up and smacks you, you have to make a stress check against the linked meter. Madness Meters are covered in the Madness chapter beginning on p. 64 of UA 2nd edition.


  • Fire (Helplessness). Fire claimed your home and with it your family, your belongings... your life. It's bad stuff, worse in space, and unpredictable as well.
  • The Hands of Blue (Unnatural). You've had history or run-ins with these strange servants of the Academy, and it unnerved you something fierce.
  • Temptation (Self). Going for the biggest payoff and the biggest reward has got you in all kinds of trouble in the past, so you just play it safe and play it by the books now - no double-crosses for the big pay-off, not anymore... hardly ever. No, No... not at all.
  • Gunfights. (Violence). Maybe you got gut-shot once and it brought you a little too close to the white light at the end of the tunnel - maybe just seeing what some people are willing to do to other people unnerved you - one way or the other, you're just not much good when it comes you throwing lead around.
  • Victimization (Violence). When it looks like you're going to get slowly hurt, tortured, raped... anything like that... you're just not much good to anyone... maybe not even yourself.
  • Reavers (Violence or Unnatural). Some folks say Reavers don't exist, but you know better. Reavers ain't men, and they don't follow men's rules - the sorts of things they'll do to a person if they catch you is just too damn awful to think about.
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