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How Skill Checks Work

Skills work on a percentile basis from 1 to 99. You roll percentile dice and compare the result to your skill. How this works depends on the situation, since you make one of three different kinds of skills checks.

For minor skill checks, you need a 15% or higher skill rating for automatic success Ė no rolls needed. These are situations where you have plenty of time and no risk, like taking a photograph of your house or reading up on Greek history.

Higher skill levels are important for significant skill checks. These happen when you arenít in an intense situation such as combat, but thereís skill some pressure on you or what youíre doing has a high element of uncertainty. Spending a day hacking an unfamiliar network, keeping an eye on your husband in a big crowd, or plotting a course off the beaten path between one planet and another. For these tasks, you have a strong success if you roll under your skill level. If you fail the roll, you get a weak success if that roll is still under the related stat. You only fail completely when you roll above the stat.

Major skill checks are the big ones, and they tend to happen all the time. All combat rolls are major checks, as are any actions you attempt under stress and risk. If it really matters, itís a major check.

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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST