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Mind Skills

This is your basic book learning, plus logic and reason. If a skill requires alertness, perception, quick wits, and generally being-on-the-ball it may be a Mind Skill.


You can hide physical objects, including yourself or another person. This covers hiding a gun on your mule, not hiding money in a Sky Plex? bank account. If you're hiding a person, Conceal only works as long as you (or they) aren't moving.

10s    You never really understood Hide and Seek.
20s    Your hiding options tend to "under the bed" and "in the underwear drawer".
30s    You've purloined a letter or two.
40s    You can outwit suspicious parents or your spouse.
50s    Professional smuggler.
60s    Professional smuggler with no jail time.
70s    Misdirection, disguise, and subtlety are your most blatant tools.
80s    You are a ninja. You might still have a weapon on you while stark naked.


It's hard to get through life without having learned something in school. If you have a skill indicating a college degree or substantial professional training, you can change Education to Philosophy, Medicine, History, or whatever other knowledge base you specialize in; its penumbra still serves for general knowledge checks.

10s    If you graduated high school, you did so with a C average.
20s    You were a good student and might have finished college.
30s    You graduated college with honors.
40s    You probably have a masters degree.
50s    You have a terminal degree or multiple masters degrees.
60s    You are an acknowledged expert in your field.
70s    You are known throughout the field. You can demand high fees as a consultant.
80s    If lay folk know of your field at all, they know your name.


Some people notice more things than others.

10s    You notice the obvious most of the time, but you're easily distracted.
20s    You're about average.
30s    You're pretty sharp. You can spot a toupee at 20 paces and type without errors.
40s    You're remarkable perceptive, like a detective, pathologist, or archeologist.
50s    You notice even tiny details - the one book that's upside-down in the shelf, etc.
60s    You can hear a whisper twenty feet away on a still night.
70s    You could trail a cat in a dark alley.
80s    Sherlock Holmes

Other Mind Skills

  • Authority. In some situation and for some reason, you're in a position to tell people what to do and make them listen to you. Good for cops, criminals, priests, or other people with a command structure behind them.
  • Photographic Memory and/or Eidetic Memory.
  • Others
    • Mechanics, Biology, Locksmith, Medicine, Strategy & Planning, Physics, Psychotherapy
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