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Mind Stat

This stat governs how quickly you think and how good you are at examining an idea from all sides. It's also how mentally tough you are. When things go south, people tend to loose their marbles. You've got yours in a much more stable stack than most.

10s    Clinical moron. You require institutional care.
20s    Mentally retarded, but capable if some independent living.
30s    A 60 IQ. Read slowly and write poorly. Long division is pushing it.
40s    You're not genius, but there's probably a few things you know plenty about.
50s    Average. You know a lot about things that are important to you.
60s    You do crosswords in ink.
70s    The top 5% on standardized tests. You retain and recall information easily.
80s    You're a genius, with an IQ of 150+.
90s    You can make deductions from of any kind of data at a speed that looks like ESP.

Mind and the Starting Madness Meters

Mind protects you from the stresses that come up during play - it's really all that stands between you and psychoses. But why go crazy when you already live there? If your history indicates that you've already had some heavy trauma in your life (a former soldier during The War, a lab test subject, whatever), you can go ahead and start using your madness meters right now. You need to read through the Madness chapter of UA 2nd edition (p. 64) first, but if it sounds like a good idea then go right ahead. You can put up to three "failed" notches onto the madness meters, total. For each one you take you can also take a "hardened" notch. They don't have to be on the same meters - if you're going to go crazy, make it your own special kind of crazy. (If you want more than three of each, talk to your GM.)

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