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Noble Stimulus

What inspires you to be the very best person you can be? Relieving poverty among folks as need it? Getting money for you folks to move to a planet that isn’t so gorram cold all the time? Your noble passion is the thing that takes you higher. To avoid your fear, you might leave your friends in the lurch. To destroy your rage, you might lie, torture, and murder. But to pursue your noble goal, you would make sacrifices, risk your own life, and endure terrible suffering for the common good.

If you activate your noble passion, you can use the flip-flop or reroll to take a selfless action that furthers your noble goal. You need to do it right away – this isn’t a resource you can use to write a letter to your congressman. Bust the lock on the warehouse to feed the starving, drive fast to get your friend to the hospital, persuade a soldier to let you into the refugee camp. This is a moment to define your highest self.


  • Helping the helpless. Some folks just need a hand up every now and again, and sometimes you just the person who can do that.
  • Healing the sick. Sometimes folks just need a doctor.
  • Doing your Duty. There’s a kind grace that comes from being able to follow orders, even when you think they’ll get you killed… as long as they're the right orders.
  • One for all. Most people are crap, but you’ve made a tight bond with your friends. They’re worth risking yourself for, and your loyalty to them is nearly impossible to shake.
  • Spreading the word. If you’re a religious person, you might risk a lot to spread the word to those as need it told.
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