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Rage Stimulus

What makes you lash out in anger? Child abusers? People who have undeservedly been rewarded with the things you work so hard for but can't obtain? Low down dirty deceivers? Your rage passion is the thing you must destroy, surpass, or overcome, in whatever form or persona it manifests within.

If you activate your Rage passion, you can use the flip-flop or reroll to lash out. You can't use it to do some kind of skilled, careful work. You must lash out immediately.


  • Laziness. When someone does a half-assed job, they're disrespecting their job, their coworkers, and their boss. In space, that can even get people killed.
  • Sleaze. Booze. Pornography. Foul language. Toilet humor.
  • Arrogance. Just because you didn't go to college doesn't mean those rich folks get to look down on you. (Kaylee, especially as regards Serenity)
  • Those corrupt Alliance officials. "Everyone has to be part of the Alliance so we can all be ignored and screwed equally."
  • Betrayal. In this world, the only things a person can count on are those folks in the same boat as them. When someone betrays that group, they aren't any kind of person at all. (Mal, Simon, Zoe)
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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST