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Skill Penumbras

A skill is more than a direct action. Itís also the knowledge you have related to that skill. This area of knowledge around a skill is the penumbra. Your Mechanics skill lets you fix things, but itís also the skill you use for knowledge about machines and parts: what distribution and rarity is for such things in your area, who sells parts on the black market or at a discount, how much a part will cost (or is worth to sell), and so forth. The penumbra is abstract knowledge, knowledge of people with similar skills and interests, et cetera.

The higher the skill, the wider the penumbra: someone with a Mechanics skill of 30 is unlikely to know where to find rare or restricted parts, while someone with a score of 70 is on a first-name basis with well-know ship designers.

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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST