FireflyGaming: Soul Skills

These are skills based on interaction and intuition rather than mental acuity. Any social skill is a Soul skill, as are most artistic skills.


You have to make a good impression sometimes.

10s    Even your friends find you annoying.
20s    You can get along with people if you have a lot in common.
30s    You can be entertaining and friendly, even with people you don't really like.
40s    You're the one who deals with important clients.
50s    You could make a good living as a confidence trickster, if you lie well too.
60s    You are a great diplomat or seducer (or both).
70s    You are nearly irresistible.
80s    Even your enemies feel bad about hating you.


Sometimes you have to lay it on thick for the sake of the greater good... most people can't do it without giving something away.

10s    You can lie convincingly - as long as it's not important and expected.
20s    You can put one over on people sometimes, for short periods.
30s    You can tell huge whoppers with a straight face.
40s    You lie with ease and facility. Good for sales people, con artists, and P Is?.
50s    You lie like it's second nature. Good for undercover cops or secret agents.
60s    You can instantly create elaborate and intricate lies, and keep track of them.
70s    You can present illogical untruths believably and keep track of multiple Identities.
80s    People basically believe whatever you tell them.

Other Soul Skills

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