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Soul Stat

Do you care about anything? If so, that's your Soul stat working. Emotions, nonverbal skills, and social interaction are all governed by Soul. If you want to seduce people, sell contraband, make a speech, or turn people to your will, go with the Soul.

10s    You're emotionally stunted and incapable of forming emotional attachments.
20s    You're congenitally crude, uncultured and crass.
30s    You're an uncouth slob with all the sensitivity of a toilet seat.
40s    You're at the low end of average. You sometimes make people uncomfortable.
50s    You at least know enough to be uncomfortable in a bad situation.
60s    You're unusually sensitive. You're empathic and likable.
70s    You always seem to say and do the right thing.
80s    Emotional energy is easy to perceive, and your emotions are usually easy to read.
90s    You natural empathy tells you almost as much as your normal senses.
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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST