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Speed Skills

These skills cover reaction times, aim, and coordination - skills governed by your sense of where your body is. There is some overlap with Body; this is because a lot of sports and other activities have a reflex component and a physical-training aspect. If in doubt as to where to put a skill, ask your GM for a decision.

If you have Speed 50 and Body 40, you can still probably get away with having a Fencing skill at 45 if you really want it and your GM says it's okay. If you had a Body of 30, that's different.


People have natural flinch impulses when lunged at or startled. This dodge score represents that reflex. It's also your ability to avoid getting hurt in combat. If you just use your Dodge skill instead of fighting or doing anything else, it's your change to hunker down and not get smacked.

10s    You can barely get out of the way of your own feet when dancing.
20s    You can dodge a single falling object.

30s You have an almost-decent change of avoiding a speeding vehicle. ||

40s    No one likes play tag or dodge ball with you.
50s    People make jokes about your nine lives.
60s    You're darn near impossible to hit when you put your mind to it.
70s    People who try to shoot at your tend to get creeped-out by your ability to dodge.
80s    Remo Williams? Jackie Chan? Amateurs.

Driving and/or Riding

This is your change to drive a ground-effect vehicle or ride a horse safely in a tense situation - controlling a skid, avoiding pedestrians, navigating a steep, rocky slope at some speed, or stopping short of a cliff.

10s    You're bad at this. You go too fast when it isn't safe or crawl along too slow.
20s    Average. You know how to handle normal 'emergency' events... in theory.
30s    Professional. Not a professional with a great record, but a professional.
40s    You are actually as good as most people think they are.
50s    You can handle it if a car pops up on two wheels or your horse bucks or rears.
60s    You could be a stunt driver or trick rider.
70s    You could be a well-known stunt driver or trick rider.
80s    You could have a very dedicated fan club.


Initiative is how fast (if not how well) you respond when the shit hits the fan. Your Initiative score defaults to half your Speed. In a combat situation, you can either roll for initiative and hope to get a result under your Speed stat, or you can just go on your initiative score as it stands. (If you roll and miss, you go after everyone who made their rolls or stuck with their Initiative.)

You can improve this skill normally.

10s    Wha?
20s    Your first instinct in sudden conflict is to frown in annoyance.
30s    You're fairly alert to troubles around you.
40s    Your jittery nerves pay off when things get bad.
50s    The breakpoint between "fast" and "gorram fast".
60s    Doc Holiday.
70s    Miyamoto Musashi.
80s    The only semi-rational explanation is spider-sense.

Other Speed Skills

  • Do Two Things at Once: If a speed based skill roll you made this round was lower than your DT Ta O? skill, you can do something else as well, provided the two actions make some sense together.
  • Fast Draw: If your Initiative skill or roll is under this skill, you can draw and shoot in the same round; otherwise you can't.
  • Snatch: grab something from someone in an obvious way before they can react. See p. 41 of UA 2nd edition for more info.
  • Others
    • Billiards, Ping Pong, Surgery, Firearms, Piloting ("driving" for star ships), Darts, Sleight of Hand, Pick pockets, Stealth, Sprinting, Juggling, Dancing
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