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Speed Stat

This stat measures how physically quick and responsive you are. A starship pilot probably has a high Speed stat, while a computer programmer could easily have a low one. Wiggling through a tight space, trying not to slip on ice, or playing a computer game are all governed by Speed.

10s    You’re basically immobile. People in advanced stages of nerve disease are 10s.
20s    You can get around on your own, but you’re probably need tools to assist.
30s    You’re a klutz – a walking bit of physical comedy, except to you it’s not funny.
40s    The low end of average.
50s    You’re normal.
60s    Great reflexes, hand-eye coordination, a fast sprinter, a good dancer.
70s    Very fast runner, natural acrobat and juggler.
80s    You can beat carnival games.
90s    Olympic/professional-level performance.
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Page last modified on September 30, 2006, at 09:42 AM MST