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Here's a list of contributors to PmWiki development and improvement. My apologies if I've forgotten anyone -- feel free to add your name if you've been left out, feel free to remove your name if you don't want to be associated with these people. :-)

  • Scott Duff - pmwe, simple-journal.php, all-around Pm sanity checker
  • Ross Kowalski - uploads and printable page research
  • Robert Abitbol - Customization; suggestions for various features or modifications
  • John Rankin - Wiki Trails, Links, EditQuickReference, notify.php, documentation, debugging
  • Joachim Durchholz - hacking documentation, general pest
  • Jessica Tishmack - uploads, testing
  • Jean-Claude Gorichon - voting
  • Janice Heinold - early Pm Wiki testing and suggestions, documentation
  • James Davis - Wiki Styles markup, testing
  • Isabelle Michaud - floating images markup, Wiki Groups, uploads/attachments
  • Glenn Blalock - Wiki Styles suggestions, testing, documentation
  • Dawn Green - Wiki Styles suggestions, uploads, documentation
  • Christian Ridderström - pmwiki-mode for Emacs and some other hacks/modifications.
  • Carlo Strozzi - Internationalization, Pm Wiki on Boa, HTML redirection
  • Michael Weiner - Modifications to the To Do?, Rss Feed Display?, My Pm Wiki?, and Comment Box? recipes

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