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Atlas Bugged is an attorney in private practice in the state of New Jersey, USA. He's a late-to-the-party Firefly fan who was dazzled by Whedon's fascinating story early in 2005 (the series originally ran in late 2002.) But he quickly boned up on the subject because...Firefly is simply the best sci-fi this fan has seen in his decades-long devotion to the genre.

The real fellow behind the Bugged handle has been an attorney since the '80's, but has dabbled in a number of things, including music composition and performance. He has been published a number of times in several national magazines, including men's periodicals like Playboy and other topical mags like the former Stereo Review. He's also argued (and helped shape law by winning) reported cases in N.J.'s upper courts and written articles for the NJ Law Journal.

Bugged is an Objectivist, an atheist, and a libertarian, who successfully sued the state of New Jersey for their improper mixing of government and religion.

Since the late '50's, Bugged was a sci-fi fanatic, and he credits Stan Lee, Arthur C. Clarke and possibly Stanley Kubrick as major early influences, especially Lee, who was a critical influence for everything from language skills to art appreciation.

In this Wiki, see Bugged's various contributions, including "Faster Than Light," "FLD" and his infamous Firefly "Brief FAQ." Bugged welcomes your e-mail at atlasbugged at gee-mail dot com.

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