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Ariel Episode

The crew travels to the central planet Ariel -- it's all shiny and clean, and very high tech. Inara sets off to do her yearly physical, and Simon hires the crew to pull a heist. (We'd best start calling him a criminal mastermind, 'cause his plan? It's good.)

They're to break into the hospital and steal some pricey drugs while Simon puts River through a Three D Neuro Imager to see what the Alliance did to her gray matter. Problem one: Simon and River need to be kind of dead to get into the hospital without the security system throwing up a flag. Problem two: leaving Jayne in charge of anything pretty much guarantees that somethin's gonna go south.

As usual, things get complicated.

Original airdate: 11/15/02
Written by: Jose Molina
Directed by: Allan Kroeker
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  • River cutting up the Blue Sun Logo on Jayne's shirt.
  • The Hands Of Blue enforcers and their HOB Rods.
  • Simon's shiny plan.
  • The last scene with Jayne/Mal and Simon/River.


WASH: Can I use companion as a verb?

SIMON: Could you not do that while we're... ever?

RIVER: He looks better in red.

MAL: The patients were cynical and not responding and we couldn't bring them back.

MAL: Pupils were fixed and dilapidated --
SIMON: Dilated.

JAYNE: If I had wanted schooling, I'd'a gone to school.

SIMON: For this to work, River and I will have to be dead.
JAYNE: Huh. I'm starting to like this plan.

MAL: Look, you got a little stabbed the other day. That's bound to make anyone a mite ornery.

JAYNE: Maybe I'll give him a tattoo while he's out.

RIVER: Your toes are in the sand.

ZOE: Can we fly somewhere with a beach?
WASH: Maybe a naked beach?
ZOE: Ooh.

ZOE: Sorry, sir. Didn't mean to enjoy the moment.

JAYNE: You stop flapping that pretty mouth at me.

MAL: Just once I'd like things to go according to the gorram plan.

RIVER: Two by two. Hands of blue. Two by two.

JAYNE: Make something up. Don't tell 'em what I did.

RIVER: Time to go to sleep.
SIMON: No, mei-mei... it's time to wake up.

Chinese Phrases

  • Ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng
"frog-humping sonofab----" (Mal, while trying to learn medical lines.)
  • Nee hao?
"Hello?" (Agent McGiniss, answering vid-phone call from Jayne.)
(Note: The current standard hello on the telephone is wei {the "Hey!" from Shindig}.)
  • Shee-niou {Jayne sounds like shee-niou}
"Cow sucking" (Jayne, referring to Alliance's high-tech, but ineffectual, sonic rifle.)
  • mei mei
little sister {in script without English} (Simon, addressing River.)
  • Tyen-sah duh UH-muo.
"Goddamn monsters." (Simon, referring to River's tormentors.)
  • Lao TYEN yeh.
"Jesus." (Simon, on learning River's limbic system was stripped {changed to amygdala}.)

For more information and a pronunciation guide, see the Firefly Chinese Pinyinary.

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