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Drinking Game


  • A sip for every instance of the main cast speaking Chinese
  • A sip every time someone says ‘rutting’. Two sips if it’s Jayne saying it.
  • A sip every time someone says ‘shiny’.
  • A big drink each time the crew poses as a married couple.
  • A sip for every scene showing the Alliance where someone is wearing a goofy hat
  • A sip every time there is a group scene in the kitchen
  • A drink every time a new song is sung.
  • A sip every time one of the shuttles leaves Serenity

River and Book

  • A sip every time River spouts nonsense
  • A sip every time Book does a priesty thing or admonishes Mal about what’s right
  • A big sip when River knows something she couldn’t
  • A big sip when Book knows something he shouldn’t


  • A sip for every time Jayne caresses a weapon
  • A sip whenever Jayne touches something he shouldn’t. (Fingers in cake, Saffron, whatever.)
  • A sip for every time Jayne makes reference to his penis.

Kaylee and Mal

  • A sip for anytime the captain is left speechless.
  • A drink if Inara throws Mal out of her shuttle
  • A sip for anytime Kaylee makes another play towards The Doctor.
  • A round for the house (on me) every time Kaylee hollers during sex.

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