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Episode Guide

The episode order below comes directly from the DVD set and is the recommended order for viewing.

100 (Pilot) -- Serenity Pilot
The crew is eager to rid themselves of an easily traceable salvage from a vessel adrift in space, unaware that a passenger has brought an even more dangerous cargo aboard.
101 -- The Train Job
Mal has second thoughts after discovering that two boxes of Alliance goods the crew has been hired to steal are full of badly needed medical supplies headed for the mining town of Paradiso.
102 -- Bushwhacked
After encountering a booby-trapped spacecraft carrying the lone survivor of a Reaver attack, Serenity is boarded by an Alliance patrol.
103 -- Shindig
In order to secure a job transporting cargo off-planet for a client, Mal attends a social event where a dance with Inara ends with him challenged to a swordfight to defend her honor.
104 -- Safe
When Simon Tam is kidnapped by a group of villagers in need of a doctor, Serenity's crew is forced to make contact with an Alliance cruiser to get medical help for Shepherd Book.
105 -- Our Mrs Reynolds
After a celebration honoring the crew for ridding a township of a group of bandits, Mal returns to Serenity and finds a woman named Saffron stowed away -- who claims Mal married her during the festivities. Oh, the Captain's going to the mighty Special Hell.
106 -- Jaynestown
When the crew returns to a planet where Jayne participated in a heist gone bad, they're shocked to discover that Jayne's past actions have turned him into a local Robin Hood legend.
107 -- Out Of Gas
An explosion leaves Serenity crippled -- Mal orders everyone to abandon ship while he stays behind to try to make repairs. As Serenity's air slowly but surely leaks away, we're treated to a series of flashbacks, from Mal's point of view, that fills in some missing background for the original crew members, including Mal's early interactions with each of them. (A great episode.)
108 -- Ariel
Simon offers the crew a job: if they help him sneak River into an Alliance Hospital on Ariel so he can run diagnostic imaging on her, he'll tell them where to find medical supplies that will fetch an enormous price on the black market.
109 -- War Stories
Wash insists he be allowed to accompany Mal on a mission instead of Zoe... and immediately regrets it when the two are captured by Adelei Niska -- the client who previously hired Mal to steal the medicine bound for Paradiso.
110 -- Trash
Mal is surprised to discover his old war buddy's new bride is Saffron (from Our Mrs Reynolds), he's even more suspicious when she offers him a partnership in a heist after he blows her cover.
111 -- The Message
Jayne opens a package from his mother that contains an orange/yellow wool cap with ear flaps and a pom-pom -- Mal and Zoe open a package to discover the body of their old war buddy, Tracey. Winner? Definitely Jayne.
112 -- Heart Of Gold
The crew comes to the aid of an unlicensed bordello when its madam contacts Inara for help.
113 -- Objects In Space
Everyone (well, almost everyone) is caught off-guard when a bounty hunter looking for River sneaks aboard Serenity while the ship is in deep space and methodically begins taking down the crew.

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