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Independent Faction Assault Rifles

  1. A bull-pup configuration rifle used by Sgt. Malcolm Reynolds at the Battle of Serenity Valley. (Seen in the hands of Mal during the opening credits of all episodes of Firefly as well as during the opening scene of the Serenity Pilot, Part 1.
    (The prop of this weapon is a FAMAS assault rifle, a weapon in service with the French military.)
  2. Mal switches this weapon out at the base camp - he retrives a more conventional rifle of the same make as that carried by Zoe. It would seem that the Independents make use of a number of weapons.
    (The prop for this weapon is the Heckler and Koch G36, a weapon system currently in service with the German Forces as well as the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. It is also the basis, with the addition a magazine adapter and a snap on 25mm cannon, of the next generation US weapon... the OICW - Objective Individual Combat Weapon)
  3. During the wartime flashback of the episode The Message we see Mal using a smaller submachinegun with a folding or collapsable stock. (The prop for this weapon is the Heckler and Koch UMP-45. A .45 caliber submachinegun that fires the .45 ACP round from a 25 round magazine.)

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