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Laser Pistols

Advanced technology not authorized for public use. Rarely seen out of the Alliance Military’s hands, and for good reason; they’re extremely lethal in the hands of anyone. As seen in Heart Of Gold, Rance Burgess’ model was a silk trigger, active-return bolt laser and a lot lighter than it looked. Unlike Burgess?' weapon, Alliance issued version don't yet have the auto-target adjust; his was crafted special.

The Serenity Role Playing Game text lists the laser pistol as having a 10 shot magazine. However this conflicts with both direct observation of the events in Heart Of Gold as well as a more detailed analysis of the episode.

Based on evidence from Heart Of Gold, some approximations can be as to battery capacity.

  • 1 shot killed Nandi
  • 4 shots fired at Mal during the ensuing chase
  • 1 prolonged discharge of 4-5 seconds.

DVD time indices are accurate only to the second, giving us a precision of .5s for all measurments. With that approximation, we say that the shot that killed Nandi and the 4 fired at Mal were all .5 seconds long.

Operating on the assumption that one "shot" is a .5 second discharge from the battery, we can then conclude that the 4-5 second "slashing" attack was equivilent to 8-10 conventional discharges.

This fixes the lower limit at 13-15 shots per battery. This assumes all shots are of uniform power, as well as other themodynamic and electrodynamic simplifications.

The Lassiter is the first handheld laser pistol (Trash).

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