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One of only two remaining original handheld Laser Pistols from Earth-that-was known to exist, the Lassiter is the forerunner of all modern laser technology. Durran Haymer picked this prize up during the war. Stolen from Haymerís possession in 2517, its whereabouts are now unknown. As of The Message the crew still hadnít fenced this rare item. (Trash, The Message)

One possible origin for the name of this weapon is the American-born "explorer", Harold Bell Lasseter. Lasseter claimed to have found a massive "reef" of gold in the Australian desert, and actively sought financiers and workers to help him bring back proof of this reef. In the 1930s, he got his expedition - and his body was found a few years later in a cave, his diary in a sardine tin. Today, the name is synonymous with the allure of gold, and elaborate, fanciful futility.

Also, Lassiter is the name of one of the main characters of the popular western book "Riders of the Purple Sage" by Zane Grey. In this book, Lassiter is a mysterious gunman who wears all black and searches for his sister and the men who kidnapped her.

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