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Nathan Fillion

Born March 27, 1971, the son of two high-school English teachers, Canadian Nathan Fillion got his start with Theatresports Workshops Rapidfire Theatre, an Edmonton improv group. After an agent saw him perform there, he won the role of Joey Buchanan on "One Life to Live" when one semester short of his degree at the University of Alberta. After three years and two Emmy nominations, he moved on to feature films; his first role was, impressively, as the "wrong" Pvt. James Ryan, in Saving Private Ryan. He also appeared as a regular on the series "Two Guys and a Girl" as guest shots on "The Outer Limits" and "Spin City", and in the movies Blast from the Past, Dracula 2000 and the upcoming The Wicked Season, as well as several television movies. He also played the preacher Caleb in another of Joss Whedon's shows, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." More recently, Nathan took the lead role of Sheriff Bill Pardy in the horror film "Slither" with Elizabeth Banks. He currently plays the role of Alex Tully in Tim Minear's new show, "Drive".

His hobbies including roller blading, riding a unicycle, beach volleyball, and drawing and writing children's literature.

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