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Ron Glass

Most famous for his memorable portrayal of Detective Ron Harris on the critically acclaimed and award winning television series Barney Miller, Ron Glass was born July tenth 1945 in Evansville Indiana. One of the most famous alumni of Saint Francis Seminary, he made his stage debut at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis.

His resume of television and stage include many television movies as well as guest appearances on Sanford and Son, Designing Women, Friends, Hart to Hart, Twilight Zone, Maude, Hawaii Five-O, Murder She Wrote, The Practice, 227, Yes Dear, Star Trek Voyager, the Education of Max Bickford, the Bob Newhart Show, Amen, Family Matters, Good Times, and All In The Family, just to name a few. He even played the part of Felix Unger on the short-lived television series The New Odd Couple. However, second only to Barney Miller, perhaps his best television role, certainly the most recent feather in his cap, is that of Shepherd Book on Firefly.

Some might even argue his performance on Firefly has far excelled his earlier days, because his portrayal of Book encompassed both comedy and drama and was infused with a real humanity. Book is a puzzle of a man and a surprisingly real, believable character. Book plays his cards close to his chest, and said as much with what he did not reveal to the camera as what he did. Most importantly, one forgot to see Glass after awhile, and only saw Book. That alone is a testament to any performer with a face as memorable as that of Ron Glass.

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