PmWiki: AvailableActions

Actions available in Pm Wiki

PmWiki built-in actions

action=browse the default action if no other action is chosen.
action=print displays the page in a form suitable for printing.
action=edit presents a form allowing the user to edit a page.
action=diff shows page revisions.
action=crypt displays a form into which you may input a password and receive the encrypted form of that password. The encrypted form is used to set up default edit, read, and admin passwords in config.php.
action=attr is used to set group-level and page-level passwords.
action=search (with no additional data) searches the wiki with no search criteria, thereby displaying a list of all pages in the site.
action=source returns the wiki markup source text for a page (used by pmwe and other utilities for processing PmWiki text)
action=post used to post changes to a wiki page (e.g., from the Edit Page form)
action=postattr used to post attribute changes to a wiki page (e.g., from the attributes form)
action=upload see Uploads

Additional actions provided by local customizations

action=refcount If the refcount.php script has been included from config.php (see Local Customizations), this action scans all of the wiki pages on the site to count the number of references among pages. The result is a table showing each page name found, the number of pages (other than Recent Changes) with links to that page, the number of Recent Changes pages with links to that page, and the total number of occurrences of the page name. The idea is that one can quickly find "orphaned" pages (pages that have no links to them) and pages containing links to non-existent pages. Note that action=refcount&expand=y will give a more detailed listing with referring pages.
action=rss If the rss.php script has been included from config.php (see Local Customizations), this action will generate an RSS feed from Wiki Trails on that page. Use Main/AllRecentChanges?action=rss for a feed of all changes on the wiki.

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