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To place an image inside a wiki page, simply enter the address (URL) of the image you want to include. For example, the URL displays in the text as

All URLs ending in .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, and .png are automatically treated as image placeholders in Pm Wiki. The position of the image URL in a line determines how it will display in the page:

The special markup [[<<]] can be used to tell PmWiki to skip to a point below any floating images.

Images must be stored on a webserver somewhere in order to be displayed in PmWiki. If the system has been configured to enable uploads, then you can upload an image as a page attachment and include it using the Attach: markup. Otherwise, (How To Upload Images)? describes the process of uploading images to a webserver.

[]Images may be specified as the target of a link using the double brackets markup by specifying an image URL as the text for a link (see Links To External Pages). For example, the image to the right of this paragraph is a link to the Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches page produced by this markup :

You can also use Wiki Styles to scale the image to a different width and/or height; for example, to scale an image to 40 pixels high you can add %height=40% in front of the image URL and %% after the URL. Note that the scaling is performed within the browser, thus transfer times are not reduced.

The following is an example of an image scaled and at the same time the target of the link:

This works equally with Attach when enabled.

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