PmWiki: WikiGroup

Pm Wiki has the capability of classifying pages into groups of related pages. WikiWords form links between pages of the same group; to create a link to a wiki page in another group, you use GroupName.WikiWord or GroupName/WikiWord to create the link.

By default, the Recent Changes page of each group shows only the pages that have changed within that group; the Main.All Recent Changes page shows all pages that have changed in all groups.

Creating a new group is as easy as Creating New Pages; simply edit an existing page to include a link to a page in the new group, then click on the '?' to edit the page.

Each group can also have GroupHeader or GroupFooter pages that contain text to be automatically prepended or appended to every page in the group. A group can also have a Group Attributes page that defines attributes (read and edit passwords) shared by all pages within the group. Each page can also have its own individual read/edit password that overrides the group passwords (see PmWiki.Passwords).

Finally, WikiAdministrators can set Local Customizations on a per-group basis--see Per Group Customizations.

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